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Distressed Investing

What is It?


The work involves picking real estate assets showing early signs of distress (diminishing capacity to provide liquidity to owners), re-designing the asset, and developing residential or commercial property in demand.

Distressed investing involves credit analysis, legal expertise and (often) negotiating ability, as Firmcare must estimate the fair value of the properties and upside potential post-restructuring and development.


Investor Opportunity

Firmcare from time to time mobilizes funds through private placement. This investment strategy is also attractive to Institutional Investors who are in distress as they can invest in cash or in specie* for a 12- 24 month horizon in which they can unlock liquidity and interest income from the bond

Investee Opportunity

Typically, when partnering with asset owners (land owner) the ratio for the return is negotiable but typically 60:40 in favor of Firmcare. We believe this to be a fair return for all parties involved. If you have an asset in the form of land or property whose value you would like to unlock.

Key Strategic Partners

We believe there is value in partnerships. To reach our goals timely, and focus on what we know best, as Firmcare we have chosen to partner with the following:

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